Data Compliance

IntelHouse prioritizes compliance and uses "Trusted Form" and other lead certification tools to ensure the safety of your business.  

Lead Distribution Technology

We specialize in integrations, including automated data bridges, to help advertisers lower their cost of marketing by integrating with our data-driven system. 

Media Buying

Our multi-channel media buying generates high-quality tergeted leads, and at the lowest possible cost per lead. We are committed to maximizing your ROI. 

Tailored Lead Data

We collect the maximum amount of data points to ensure every lead has real intent.

Our proprietary validation tools ensure that we only send leads that have the greatest chance of converting

In order to efficiently generate new leads that are more suitable for your product and service, we gather results from our partners and optimize our learning to obtain the best results.


La Fabbrica - Proprietary system

Ask us direct questions about our operation. We are interested in partnering with data-driven advertisers who understand the advantages of automated feedback loops for increasing net sales.

A Company Born With A Strong Focus In Technology

We have developed our own lead optimization software inhouse. Advertisers seeking data-driven solutions understand the benefits of automated feedback loops between call centers and trusted lead sources.

Validation Before Distribution

We understand the importance of keeping your marketing cost as low as possible. To ensure we only post leads with a high likelihood of conversion, we use a variety of validation tools within our system.

We Encourage Real Data Practice

Informed decisions generate measurable results. For businesses looking to scale with reassurance on quality, data-driven feedback loops are essential.

Lead Validation Partners