End-to-end Lead Generation solutions

At IntelHouse, we specialize in providing technology-enabled advertising solutions that connect advertisers and consumers across various industries. With our extensive digital media reach, proprietary technology, and data-driven processes, we help our clients in the digital advertising space to reduce risks in their advertising spend while expanding their customer bases.

Our first-party data collection is a valuable asset that we leverage to deliver targeted advertising campaigns, ensuring that your message reaches the right audience. Trust IntelHouse for performance advertising solutions that deliver real results.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to developing a more efficient lead generation solution by making it easier for consumers to access options and savings, while also assisting advertising partners in connecting with high-intent consumers interested in their products and services.

Who we are and what’s Our Story

Our management started working in performance marketing and Leadgen in 2012.
We’re an international team from all walks of life. With experience in all facets of digital marketing, we’ve brought together a team of forward-thinking individuals tasked to build a truly dynamic company to complement a continuously evolving industry.

As we navigate through an industry full of opportunity, we’ve decided our efforts and resources are best spent focusing on building a brand dedicated to servicing the home improvement and solar industry.
In order to succeed, we must hold true to a specific set of principles; a strong focus on optimal technology, quality assurance, and finally compliance and trust.

Our professional aspirations take center stage in our organization, in the spirit of building a company culture able to transcend the challenges of working remotely.

In the wake of the pandemic, our team was displaced across continents; Europe, Asia, and Central America. Our desire to maintain a virtual office environment has never been stronger, making our company not just a mere source of income, but a lifestyle to be cherished and protected.

Our Core Values


We are committed to developing efficient and result-driven lead generation strategies that achieve unmatched results in the technology-enabled lead generation solutions industry.


We hold ourselves accountable, embrace diversity and strive for an inclusive and respectful working environment. Our diverse team operating across three continents provides outstanding service and performance.


We are adaptable to the dynamic lead generation environment, constantly innovating to build more efficient solutions that meet the needs of tomorrow's consumers, advertisers, and publishers.


We're a tough, daring team that competes at our best every day. With no fear and a dead-set focus on winning, we push ourselves to new heights, driven by our unwavering belief in our abilities.

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