We’re evolving as quickly as the technology itself.

IntelHouse serves as a lead generation cornerstone for both conservative and innovative businesses. We offer a cost-effective sustainable solution for home improvement sales teams.
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Introducing IntelHouse

Providing Data-Driven Lead Generation

for home improvement professionals

Our Work Process

Real-Time Generation

Lead Exclusivity

Fraud Prevention

Lead Distribution Technology

Analytics & Reporting

Media Optimization

Having a technical foundation to build upon is critical for our partners success

A Technology-Centric Approach to Reliable, High-Quality Home Improvement Leads

We Are Dedicated To Technology And Innovation
Our proprietary lead distribution software is an in-house creation that sets us apart from third-party providers. This cutting-edge technology forms a dependable bridge, connecting our partners to our campaigns and ensuring seamless lead generation.
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Our Unique Approach To Lead Generation Sets Us Apart
At the heart of our approach is our ownership and operation of branded campaigns, which provide a truly unique source of leads. Our experienced media buyers are skilled in generating traffic across various channels, enabling us to target and convert the highest-quality home improvement leads.
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We Understand The Home Improvement Services Market Inside Out
At IntelHouse, we specialize in helping installers and home improvement contractors achieve their KPI targets in the United States. Working in partnership with existing sales and marketing teams, our lead generation expertise powers growth and delivers measurable results, every time.
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